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Lappeenranta Junior University

An inspiring path to science!

The basis of the Junior University model is the close cooperation between the city of Lappeenranta and the LUT University.

Lappeenranta Junior University promotes a smooth path for children and adolescents towards university studies. The goal is that Lappeenranta is nationally known as an urban area with a strong focus on Finnish high competence in pre-primary and basic education. Lappeenranta Junior University activities raise the interest of science and technology, business and research among children and young people in Lappeenranta and strengthen students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes to science and research-based studies. The goals and contents of Junior University are based on the LUT University’s strategic focus areas, which can naturally be linked to pre-primary, primary, and high school education curricula.

The long-term goal is to build a unique combination of learning and teaching at a national level, both internationally and internationally, that strengthens pupils’ interest in mathematical and natural sciences and technology (STEAM) and provides students with comprehensive access to university education from the point of view of educational equality.